From Mill to Mouth! - Bruno 'Pizza Class'

Evening Pizza Class
Come to Bruno Pizza for after-work happy hour pizza class to get an in-depth look at how we make fresh house-milled organic flour pizza and how you can do it at home!

Flour Mill - get a demonstration of our in-house flour mill that we use to grind fresh organic flour.
Discuss different types of flour and different flour production processes.
Dough Making - go through the steps of making dough scaled for home use.
Discuss the process and the reasoning behind the sequence of each step.
Dough Fermentation
Discuss bulk fermentation, dough folding, temperature, time, etc.
Dough Balling
Group works on dough balling technique.
Discuss resting, temperature, etc.
Dough Stretching
Group learns dough stretching techniques to shape dough for pizza.
Wood Oven
Discuss wood oven cooking method
Discuss home oven adaptation
Group eats their own custom-made pizza creations! A selection of beverages from our wine/beer/etc. list are included. 
Each person leaves with the pizza dough they balled, a bag of freshly-ground flour, our pizza dough recipe and an understanding of how to do great pizza at home.
Public classes are typically held Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 6PM for $120 per person. Special pricing and scheduling are available for large parties and corporate teams. Public classes for each evening will be confirmed when at least six people reserve spots. Public class dates are posted on EventBrite to reserve tickets.
Please email for class details, scheduled dates, and to enquire about large party private classes.