'New York Delft' Porcelain

Five piece porcelain dinnerware set. Demian designed these pieces as an answer to the question: "What would traditional 'Dutch Delft' dinnerware of windmills and cows done in 'Delft Blue' hundreds of years ago look like if it were designed today? His answer was this 'New York Delft' porcelain dinnerware set. Graffiti and icons of the urban landscape across modern "New Amsterdam" (As New York was once known).

You have probably seen the 'Truck' Plate (and even the 'Hot Dog' Cup and Saucer), as we use them at Bruno, but the 'Taxi Cab' Dinner Plate and the 'Graffiti' Soup Bowl are just as useful! So we have made the whole set -all five pieces, or as separates- available for purchase so you can enjoy them at home as well! 

'NY Delft' 5 piece porcelain place setting     $80

'NY Delft' Taxi Cab Dinner Plate                   $24

'NY Delft' Graffiti Soup Bowl                        $18

'NY Delft' Truck Side Plate                           Not Sold Separately, Sorry!!

'NY Delft' Cup and Saucer                           $24

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